We are delighted to announce Professor Jane Callaghan as speaker at our #SeeHearAct Children & Domestic Violence conference next month.

Professor Callaghan is the Director of the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection at the University of Stirling. She is a psychologist and interdisciplinary researcher, with an established record of research in areas related to childhood, violence, family life, relationships, discrimination and exclusion, and mental health and identity.

Professor Callaghan was principal investigator on the four nation European Commission funded project “Understanding Agency and Resistance Strategies – Children’s Experiences of Domestic Violence”, the largest qualitative study of children who live with domestic violence conducted to date.

She is also principal investigator for projects focused on, early interventions for ‘vulnerable’ families, care leavers’ engagement with Higher Education, and a HEFCE funded project that aims to understand students’ experiences of disclosing experiences of harassment, to build better policies to support students and staff.

Callaghan was an expert adviser to the UK Government on welfare changes and how they may affect children. Her review concluded that children witnessing or experiencing domestic violence were very likely to experience acute distress, which required additional support from the parent. In these situations, she concluded, claimants of Universal Credit should receive the benefit without having to report to work coaches, and without evidencing active job-seeking.

She has published in a range of international journals, as well as numerous peer reviewed book chapters, and two books. She is editor of the Journal of Gender Studies.

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