The You and Me, Mum programme was developed in 2007 by Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland in partnership with Women’s Aid groups. The programme was profiled as a standard of best practice at the ‘Raising the Standards’ conference in Guernsey (October 2007).

The programme helps mothers who have experienced domestic violence to explore:

  • their role as mothers
  • the impact of domestic violence upon their child(ren), and
  • the impact of domestic violence upon their relationship with their child(ren).

It is a ten week programme which is delivered in a non threatening, non judgemental environment and aims to promote the ethos of self help and empowerment.

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What women say about You and Me, Mum

My relationship with my kids has improved a great deal because I now make time for us rather than the three of us spending time in separate rooms.

I know I am making a better connection with their feelings and confusion. Before I didn’t fully realise that their feelings were, so often, similar to my own.

It has meant a great deal as it has given me coping skills in how to deal with different situations. We all get on better and are looking forward to new things.

I now realise my kids were behaving the way they were, not, as I had been told, because I was a bad mother, but because of the unstable environment they had been living in. I myself have strengthened since the programme began.