Women’s Aid groups offer domestic violence outreach and floating support services to provide practical and emotional help to women who are not staying in a refuge.

Outreach is provided in local communities, in rural areas and to women from minority ethnic communities. Floating Support is a specific outreach service for women who wish to remain in their own home, it is provided to women who do not wish to or need to use refuges, as well as to women in temporary accommodation such as B&Bs or hostels where no support or help on domestic violence is available.

The floating support service prevents women from becoming homeless and enables them to maintain their tenancies.

The numbers of women accessing floating support and outreach work continues to increase significantly. This growing area of support enables women and their children to get the support they need without having to move out of their home.

Referrals to floating support services come from a variety of sources including a range of agencies and women themselves.

Last year 3,450 women were supported through floating support. A total of 3,739 children were indirectly supported through this service (more statistics).