All relationships have their ups and downs. Conflict and disagreement is a natural element of any relationship.

However, any difficulties or arguments can usually be worked out by sitting down, talking to each other, telling each other how we feel and reaching a compromise.

Being in a healthy relationship can be wonderful and can give you friendship, support, closeness and love. A healthy relationship is based on R E S P E C T :

Rights – paying attention to each other’s rights and respecting these.

Equality – giving equal importance to each other’s needs and wants.

Sharing – exchanging thoughts, experiences and feelings.

Exploring difference – accepting that you are different people and seeing this as a positive!

Communication – being open and honest with each other

Trust – this is the essential basis for all relationships.                 

Take our relationship health checkRemember fear does not have any place in a healthy relationship!

Early warning signs of an abusive relationship

There are many signs that may indicate when a relationship is abusive. These can include among others:

  • jealousy and possessiveness
  • name calling and put downs
  • forcing you to do something you do not feel comfortable about
  • shouting, hitting or threatening you
  • controlling where you go and what you wear
  • not allowing you to go out or be with your friends
  • questioning you about your whereabouts
  • mood swings
  • breaking or hitting things when you argue, and
  • feelings of fear and concern that they might hurt you.

It is important to remember:

  • no one deserves to be abused
  • in all relationships, including those that are abusive, we still have choices
  • when relationships go wrong we all need support, and
  • when relationships are abusive, there is a need to know how to seek out the help that is at hand and then use it.

Reach out, get help