Our work is directed by four guiding principles:


We believe everyone has the right to live their life free from all forms of violence and abuse. We seek the elimination of domestic violence and actively promote non violence in the planning and delivery of services including, refuge provision, community outreach and preventative education.

Self help

We believe women and children who experience domestic violence have the power to create positive change in their lives. We encourage women to make their own decisions to determine their own futures. We equip them with information, resources and support necessary to take control of their lives and make safe positive choices for themselves and their children.

Self help works by:

  • giving women practical help when necessary and being sensitive to each woman’s needs
  • giving women information about alternatives to enable them to make informed decisions
  • supporting women in their choices
  • encouraging women to have confidence in their abilities
  • creating opportunities for women to develop their potential
  • encouraging women to be mutually supportive, and
  • informing women of their rights.

Best practice

Our work and services are directed by a range of policies, practice and procedures which promote quality, effectiveness and efficiency. In implementing all policies we strive to:

  • be clear about quality standards
  • ensure policies are up to date and accurate and based upon best practice
  • manage and commit resources effectively
  • identify responsibilities and demonstrate accountability
  • evaluate effectiveness of work and address poor performance promptly
  • recruit staff openly, remunerate them fairly and be a good employer
  • have clear arrangements for supporting and managing volunteers
  • involve service users through ongoing meaningful consultation
  • ensure policies and practices are fair and based upon equality, and
  • have a systematic open process for appointing to our management board.

Working in partnership

We recognise that domestic violence is a complex problem which requires effective and timely interventions by a range of agencies to protect and support women and children. We are committed to working collaboratively with all relevant agencies to develop improved, coordinated responses and services for women and children experiencing domestic violence.