We have two items that we will be auctioning off at our 40th Birthday Gala on 6th December in Crowne Plaza: ‘Donkey’ by acclaimed Irish artist Noel Murphy, and a rare bottle of Bushmills Millennium Malt whiskey (1975 vintage). There is a reserve price on both items.

We will be starting advance bidding in the run-up to the Gala, and will keep bidders updated on the status of the auctioned items via our Facebook and Twitter. Online bidding ends at 11pm, Wednesday 5th December, and will continue with the live auction at our Gala dinner on 6th December. So if you are very keen on a particular item, why not come to our Gala dinner and make sure you don’t get outbid. Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wafni-40th-anniversary-celebration-gala-evening-tickets-49942087127

And of course, all proceeds will go towards the work of Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland, so it’s for a very good cause!

To place a bid, simply email Karin.jeffrey@womensaidni.org with your name, the lot you want to bid on, and your bid. Happy bidding!


Auction Lot 1: ‘Donkey’ by Noel Murphy

This beautiful painting by acclaimed Irish artist Noel Murphy has been donated to Women’s Aid for auction from a private collection of a kind supporter.

For 20 years, Noel Murphy has remained head and shoulders above his Irish artistic peers, his work displaying his craft as a “consummate story-teller, mythmaker and visual poet of a painter”. Journalist and art critic Eamonn Mallie has described Murphy’s art as “a serious body of work by a serious painter who is rigorous in what he does and refuses to bend the knee to anyone else’s whim.”

This piece, a small but perfectly-formed oil on canvas, is 20cm x 17cm in size, and beautifully presented in a black and burnished gold frame (framed by Sheldon Galleries

Belfast – size 32cm x 30 cm including frame). An essential addition to any art-collector’s trove of contemporary Irish Masters.

Starting bid: £150


To bid, contact Karin.jeffrey@womensaidni.org with your name, contact details and bid total.


Auction Lot 2: Bushmills Millennium Malt, cask 227 bottle 79


This precious whiskey was originally laid down back in 1975 in bourbon casks with a view to maturation by the millennium. Available by the cask to private investors only, this 43-year-old vintage is particularly rare as it has never been available for public sale. Women’s Aid is delighted that a bottle has been kindly donated for auction for our 40th birthday celebration.

The 1975 Millennium Malt is the longest aged Bushmills whiskey available, and has matured very well. Each cask was bottled unfiltered and taken down to 43% abv. The

bottle up for auction, cask 227 bottle 79, is in good condition with a high fill level.

Starting bid: £50

To bid, contact Karin.jeffrey@womensaidni.org with your name, contact details and bid total.